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  • Choose your size and company

  • PDF(print)/KPF (ebook) for final conversion 

  • Copyright page 

  • Title page

  • Author Bio and ONE picture at end 

  • Make sure you are done editing (This is not my control, this is yours) New documents are new orders, changes after the initial document are additional charges

  • Decide what extras you want


  • IF you have no idea, message and ask.

Please Note: (Look for separate gigs from me for these and other services)

Most formatting I can do in one day or less, larger books, more extras take longer, etc...
This is not for proofreading/editing, if I catch a blatant mistake I will fix it. 

This converts from your word document. If you do not have your file in word please ask if I can convert. I typically can but there's extra charges.

By submitting your document you agree:

  • that it's the final version and all edits have been done. Additional charges above the quote apply to edits after.

  • All Images are final. Additional charges above the quote apply to edits after.

  • that I'll provide a sample and quote using your document. If you don't accept I remove files after 3 months. 

Costs $30 per 24 pages of average Children's Book formatting

12 images 12 text pages

* I currently offer just PDF and Kindle ebook. Kindle is 85-90% of the market 

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I used all my contact forms allowed on my site please go to the home page​

Children's Book Requirements

High Image Sample

Both the above are on my blog, there are a few more there too

Clients who have used this service

Victoria Allen

Albana Books
Tracy Carol Taylor
Kimberly Caldwell
Vanessa Washington
Melissa Montero
PenLit Publishing
Carrie Garvin
Raykel Tolson
Kendra Bryant
Stephen Bedwell
Kristin Lewis
Debbie O’Neil Darminio
Shawn Anderson

If you have used my services but are not listed and want to be please let me know.
Same if you are on the list but don't want to be. 

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