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Why would I dare start this collection with Maslow’s Basic Human Needs? Simple, as humans we all have needs that have to be met. Without them, our lives are chaos and disorder.

If you can’t eat you starve.

Can’t have a roof over your head, no shower, no job and we just keep spiraling downwards.

We don’t feel safe we end up with trauma responses.

Don’t have love for ourselves and someone else we aren’t fulfilled. Yes, fur babies count. I don’t think we can get any more unconditional than that of a beloved animal.

There is an entire genre of self-help books devoted to esteem and self-care. Yeah, it’s that important. Add in the top of the pyramid, you must know yourself, and we can achieve true happiness.

The problem, a “dedicated partner” that can’t keep up their part of the pyramid. Unless you are blissfully married to your first love, we’ve all experienced some disappointment in our relationships.

Not all relationships are our other half. Family, friends…those people that let you down in group projects in high school and it still feels like they are being carried through jobs. Hey, those people irked me!

Why is it upside down? The bottom must be met before we can ascend to the top. Not that you have to follow an order to fulfillment. A book though needs a good order to follow and without food, clothing, and shelter it’s almost impossible to have safety, love, esteem let alone the finer things in life.

So this book is all about the basic necessities that can be missed in life. Those traumas that others, and sometimes we, can cause. All the reasons that maybe your relationships aren’t the healthiest options for you.

And why you might need to…


Pack Your Bags and Go!