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Novella Three

In the series, Cat and Mouse is typically fun for our Female Serial Killer, but not so much when she's the mouse. Follow Freya and Jack as they try to figure out who the newest killer is and where he's going to make his first move all while Freya keeps her secrets without costing either of them, or anyone else that she actually likes, their lives.

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The First Three are For Free!
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Novella Two

What to do after you catch a serial killer that was stalking one of their own? Interview them to find out why, with the now overprotective boyfriend, and cop, Jack. Now if we could just stop getting hurt on the job, we'd be much better off. When Jack goes down, I go into action and find a few more people to pull into my cause, which is to stay alive, try not to kill anyone, and find the serial killers trying to hunt me.

22 Chapters 21 Days
The First Three are For Free!
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Novella One

If you are a serial killer that doesn't want to get caught, you find ways to prevent that. Food, sex, exercise, and I decided to be a physiatrist, study the abnormal brain to control mine. I decided to keep close to police stations, my cop dad, and his partner when he passed, made that easy. Now dating a cop...I might be pushing my survivability but damn those jeans and genes of Jack Malone. Helping him to catch a serial, like me, might be worth the jeans and not press my luck too much. Right?

13 Episodes Currently on Vella
The first three are for free!
Kindle Available 
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