Low Content


  • Make sure you are done editing (This is not my control, this is yours) New documents are new orders, changes after the initial document are additional charges

  • Decide what style you want


  • IF you have no idea, message and ask.

Please Note: (Look for separate gigs from me for these and other services)

Most formatting I can do in one day or less, larger books, more extras take longer, etc...
This is not for proofreading/editing, if I catch a blatant mistake I will fix it. 

This converts from your word document. If you do not have your file in word please ask if I can convert. I typically can but there's extra charges.

By submitting your document you agree:

  • If submitting text, that it's the final version and all edits have been done. Additional charges above the quote apply to edits after.

  • That I'll provide a sample and quote using your document. If you don't accept I remove files after 3 months. 

Average costs $20 per 5 pages created. Pricing depends on how many pages I have to create and how many I have to replicate 

* PDFs only no kindle version of these are accepted by Amazon/ebook companies

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Premade Low Content purchase options

Examples of published Low Content Books

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