Badeaux Knights/Daze All in One

Badeaux Knights
Nick and Kale are old-fashioned boys who inherited their family home in Mississippi. They have a lot in common: Medieval swordplay, rugged good looks, and most of all they share an unrequited love for elegant, spirited Sonja. Her live-in boyfriend has just beaten her for the very last time.

Badeaux Daze
Some people never learn happy. With his simple, little life, Kale spent his time building his new home, waiting on his nieces or nephews to come into the world and waiting for his something more. . . . Not that he expected his ex-girlfriend, Donna, to show up at his newly installed door, on the run and looking for a place to hide. Nor did he expect to let her in and do his best to keep her safe with the promise that the drama--that always followed the woman--would soon be gone.

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