Don't Ask Don't Tell

Don't Ask Don't Tell


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Don’t ask, Don’t tell.

What do you want? He asks.

Everything. She says.

I want the joy and I want the pain

I want you to come home and tell me about your day.

I want to sit across the table and eat with you

I want to tell you to get out of my kitchen, as you steal a bite

I want to bump you out of the way as I put away dishes

I want you to dance us across the living room,

not because you like to dance, but because you know I do.

I want to watch funny movies and laugh at the same jokes

I want you to kiss the top of my head when I cry at the sappy ones

And try to scare me during the scary scenes.

I want to watch you play with children

I want to smell you fresh from a shower

And after a long day of work.I want to watch your eyes grow sleepy

And see how far I can push you before the temper comes out.

I don’t want to write with you, but, by god, I want to listen to you tell stories.

I want to make love

And I want to fuck.

I want to see how hoarse you can make my voice from screaming your name

And see how softly I can say it and you still hear me

Because, while that might not do anything for you, there is power in your name.

I want to put the piece back in place when you are broken,

And not be what broke you.

And, most of all, I want it all in return,

Though that’s the piece I will never get

And I want everything.


Why can’t you have that? He asks.

Because I’m not worthy or you aren’t able.


But that’s not how it happens.

For he would not ask, and she would not tell.