Life as a Ghost

First Edition

Spending her life as a ghost, a shadow on the wall, no matter where she goes, Storm Winters wanted nothing more. Yet he just won’t leave her alone. Thankfully he’s not a stalker, Chase Learner just thinks he's in love with her. Too bad for him Storm Winters has no need for a guy in her life. When she’s not attending the top private high school in Chicago on a full scholarship, or at her full time job, she’s on the city bus between or volunteering in her less than top neighborhood. Beyond school, she has plans. First—get out of her alcoholic father’s life. Second—get a haircut. Third—college in Madison. Fourth finish college then back home to improve the life of those around her. None of that has room for him in her life. Doesn’t mean Chase is letting go that easily. No, some women are worth the patience, the effort, and his time.

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