Picture Reading

Picture Reading


A written description of what I see of the person in the photo. 


Send up to five (5) images of the person you want to know about. The more images, the better the reading. The less staged the photo, the better.


Doesn't matter if it's you, a family member, or someone you are considering dating.

Be prepared for anything from "I see a really well rounded person" to, about anything else. I specialize in reading hidden unhealed traumas.

If you are sending a picture of yourself, I'm a very blunt reader, you might want to tell me to be kind and I'll reword it for you.


Please don't send me people who have passed. The energy isn't on this plane anymore and I can no longer read it. Please find a medium (typically goes for ad coma patient too, so sorry!).


As with any advice:

Please be aware that the final decision is yours.

We all have free will.

I had one person free will their way from a soul connection.

Yes, it can be done.


As with any psychic service there are no guarantees! My goal is at least 500 words to you (about five minutes if I did these verbally)

Give three days for return please.