Try Me

They nearly killed her and she wanted it that way. The privileged life of Cheyenne, a child of famous musicians, becomes a self made living hell when her parents die suddenly. All she wants to do is top the pain and she uses the only pain killer she knows, drugs, and lots of them. Will she walk into the wrong alley and end up joining her parents in the tomb/ Or has she stumbled across the only drug dealer who refuses to let her fall? 
Sam came across her by accident and knows her as Rosie, but his observant detective has a week spot for those who can be reformed. Her son might be the reason she's not wasted now but neither that little boy or Sam could save her. Sam filters through the holey memory of the ex-drug addict to find the man who changed her life and sobered her before losing himself.
There was no drug strong enough to erase her from his memory. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't forget her the way she had forgotten him. Then came the cop who wanted to hear their history and restore the man Doyle once was. Now it's up to him to fight against the blissful drugged world he hid behind and take out the man that tried to kill the only person Doyle ever loved without killing her himself.

Tags: rock n roll lifestyle drugs loss death recovery rehab family child

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