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"A timeless love triangle with Sonja caught between brothers and a maniacal ex. Each page leads you closer to the turbulent end and a choice that Sonja will never regert."                                                               Anjanette Findley
"Wonderful, lightning fast."                                                                                     tirving123 Via Fiverr
"She literally made order out of chaos."                                                               Bill T.

"I have to say, I fell in love with these Badeaux boys. Ms. Vaughn created a set of characters that are three dimensional, the type you'd love to meet. These boys are sexy and funny, protective and loyal. Great interaction between the brothers and the cast of characters. Sonja may be hurt in spirit, made some wrong choices, but she's certainly not boring. She has a surprising core of steel--as many southern women do."                                                                        S.D. Danzo, Amazon Review 

"Thank you for all you did to make the book possible. I have the books in hand. I am very pleased."                                  Renae Brame
"She helped a great deal with the development of the work, but left the final stuff to me, including the decision to use the "very busy" cover artwork."                     Mike Schillinger
"Badeaux Knights is Riveting. I couldn't pt it down. The characters drew me in, making me part of their world. The Badeaux brothers are true modern Renaissance men who fight honorably and love passionately, protecting the innocent as they bring evil to justice. Badeaux Knight is a thrilling ride from the start to finish. I just finished reading Badeaux Knights for the third time and I loved it all over again. Something about the story touches my heart every time I read it. It has become and will remain one of my favorite boos of all time."                                                     Lindlae Parish


"To tell the truth I didn't expect very much when a fellow writer told me about Fiverr, but the result I received was way more than I could have ever imagined. My book cover designer Ms. Suzette Vaughn did an awesome job, which included great communication in bringing my book alive."                                                              dwayne3557 Via Fiverr
"Working with a stranger can be downright weird, but Vaughnsuzette was quick to reply to my posted gig, produced perfect work and comes highly recommended from me. FIVE STARS! AC."                     Acoleman100 Via Fiverr

"I think I know what I want for Christmas, BOTH of the Badeaux Brothers!"                                                                                                          TerryAnn Bender

"Vaughnsuzette is great! Easy to work with and goes the second mile to do exactly what the client wants. Will be asking her to help with other projects."                             Blackbird925 Via Fiverr

"Let me start off by saying I don't normally read stories from this time period. I usually like them a little earlier than this one; however once I started reading I couldn't stop. I was sucked in by the way the author told the story. I enjoyed the flash backs of how the Galen and Madelyn fell in love. It was beautifully written and a page turner all the way. All the characters were strongly written as well. It sparked emotions that I could relate too and I even cried, laughed and smiled. Books that can do that are a keeper! This is one that I will probably read again and again. I would give a rundown of the story for you but I don't want to take anything away from the story. My recommendation is to read it yourself and you will understand."                                                                      Sara L Amazon Review

"I wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your book Mortals, Gods, And A Muse.  WOW, that was too KEWL, and I fell right in love with Xander in that book (I could just picture his dark, Greek good looks and manners).  The setting was absolutely perfect with his big boat on the water!  I loved the very fine meals that Xander prepared for Sherry (Anchovy and Lamb), in addition to the wonderful fine family wine that he served.  I loved the way that he doted over Sherry and pampered her to the hilt...OH MY...what woman wouldn't love that!  All of it was so romantic.  And, to top it all off, your little muse, "Star" that kept appearing was adorable.  And, as for the ending of the book, I think it was quite appropriate, (spoiler removed)."                   GOD Bless, Pam Webber 
"Brilliant creative experience, I really appreciate your patience and skills, highly recommended."                    Jupray Via Fiverr
"Quick and amazing work, I'll be back."                                                          Kennethvider Via Fiverr
"Excellent work. Very patient, Suzette communicated well and helped me understand what I needed and did not need to do. Thanks. Would highly recommend!"    
                                               Scottmallon Via Fiverr
"Suzette went absolutely above and beyond what I asked of her. She was always so quick to respond to my requests and I couldn't be more impressed. Would recommend her to anyone!."                                    Jenjoy27 Via Fiverr

As of Jan 2022 I'm pulling more of my attention from Fiverr as they've changed the business model to suit new designers and not those with actual experience. And being an American trying to compete with the pricing of countries with a lower cost of living isn't even possible anymore. You can read more at this blog post.

"Galen and Maddie are the happy ending for those of us who haven't received their's yet. This love story is about so much more than love lost and love found. It's about the situations and circumstances that brought them together and seperated them. And how they were brought together. Although the story does have a happy ending it is bittersweet as you read all that was lost in order for their love to conquer all. This was very well told and I highly recommned."                      

                         Claudette  Amazon Review

I have around 1000 reviews on as of the April 2021. I have long since stopped transferring them over. Feel free to use the Fiverr icon on any page to see those reviews as well.

I have around 650 reviews on as of the end of 2019.

I have around 400 reviews on as of the end of 2018.

"Suzette Vaughn's Mortals, Gods, and a Muse is the perfect book for readers who are looking for a fun read. The writing is light with an emphasis on dialogue and wit. It feels as informal as emails or journal entries. The characters, especially the narrator, Sherry, are fun, likable, and a little insane. The plot pulls readers along with a comfortable level of predictability that suddenly changes into a wild ride loaded with surprises. It's a romance, a fantasy, and also a page turner that's hard to put down.The book is written from the point of view of Sherry Duncan, a romance writer who has taken a trip to the virgin islands to give herself a break from her muse. There's a new one in her life, a young woman named Star. Like Cosmo Topper and his ghosts, Sherry is the only one who can see and talk to her muse. The situation is complicated because Star is trying to find a leading man for Sherry's next book and for her life. Star brings Lysander Eros to meet Sherry while she is sunbathing on a picture perfect beach. Lysander is a handsome, blue-eyed Greek with an enormous yacht and an apparent attraction to people with imaginary friends.The first part of the book is a slow and enticing seduction that draws the readers into the personalities and desires of Sherry and Lysander (or Xander as she calls him). The second half is an adventure that is filled with exciting twists and turns. I enjoyed it all."                                                                            Author Steve Lindahl  Amazon Review

"Mortals, Gods and a Muse is a delightful read. The blending of magical timetravel, a quest for love and the ultimate story muse comes together to carry the reader away on a Caribbean romantic adventure. Ms. Vaughn's story revisits the realm of Greek gods with with an intriguing plot interlaced with healthy doses of humor."

 Aithne Jarretta Author of CONCENTRIC CIRCLES Goodreads Review                                                                                                            

These are some of the reviews for the first editions.  Please find newer reviews on my GoodReads, Amazon and other bookseller sites.

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