Love what you do!

Often I go on binges of information. I spent two days watching Victoria Secrets yearly runway shows, which was interesting to watch the evolution. I'm not a big VS fan, though for some reason love the initials. I watched for information for a book I was working on.

My latest binge has been Ted talks which led me to this guy. Simon Sinek Inspriational all the way around.

Why the Military will die for their job?

Why is helping others is good for you health?

Why not to reward participation?

Why are companies failing by what we've been taught?

I can remember when companies kept employees. Then sometime in the early ninties a new trend emerged. Fire those who make too much and hire new people only to fire them as well. Great way to keep costs down and to get new blood in the door. Bad for the economy and the country self worth.

This guy covers it all!

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