How it happened: Book Cover-Mortals, Gods, and a Muse

For Mortals, Gods, and a Muse I wanted the mountain, a representation of Olympus, with the sun coming up over it and the sea, this is after all a repeating occurrence throughout the novel. This was far easier than the swords to adjust to bring out more of a painted quality than just a grainy photograph. I also had to have some dark ominous clouds.

I wanted to differentiate the Muse from the rest of the title and show the whimsy that the book has. Add the tagline. There we go.

Not bad.

After a few years though everything needs an update.

This time I highlighted the ethereal muse in a more modern Greek form fading into the sea. A little sparkle for that magic quality. Super simple and love the beach and water behind her.

#cover #concept #how #happened #started #where #mortal #gods #muse #greek #mountain #Olympus #ocean #sea

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