For the hatred of Blogging

I really do hate blogging. I have always said that if I'm going to write then by god I'm going to work on a novel, or at least a short story.

So how do I do it.

Well, typically not very well. You can look back on my history and see huge gaps because I'd prefer a death sentence to having to sit down every week or even once a month and try to come up with something on the spot to say that is engaging in any way. But I can sure as hell plan...

So, I decided that I needed something simple to offer every week to drive traffic. That is after the actual point of having a blog and keeping it updated. I had made several comments recently on people posting adult coloring books...yeah, if I'm going to color, I'm going to paint. That's rather elitist of me, not everyone can paint. So, let's help out and find unique offering. Woot that's weekly content right there.

Two days later I had the year filled with coloring sheets, at least one per week.

Too bad that doesn't help me show my authority in any field other than running images through photoshop. Yes, it's a skill I'm fairly good at but not one that will make me money or drive business for buying books, selling formatting or anything that can actually improve my business...but...

I have hundreds of book covers, and that's my idea vocation to make this business take off. So I started pulling books to show the process, maybe not every step but at least the thoughts of how a book gets its cover. That filled another day for a few months.

Art! Why not the first two ideas are art filled. I have accounts all over the place to show simple creations in the art world. Artsy Mondays were born.

Formatting is what most people want, and there is only so much I can share without giving away all my secrets. Doesn't mean I can't keep people off the bad things they can do to a document and give options that they might want to consider before they publish that book. That's another day...fffff Formatting Friday.

Eventually I'll find items to fill Writing Wednesday with, yes, I love alliteration.

Sunday and Thursday will be random if at all, let's face it if I can spend a few weeks to fill out a year. Perhaps I'll use one day for the stuff that comes up and is far more time sensitive than the informational or fun that fills the rest of the week.

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