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How it happened: Book Cover-Finding Madelyn

Let's start off with the name. Most novels will name themselves without a problem. This thought started off as Memories of Madelyn. I love the repeating MMM, just yummy. Which then morphed to Minding Madelyn since at the time the shorter titles seemed to do better than my very long title.

Which morphed again into Finding Madelyn as that's where the story starts.

I started with the design and fashion of 1947, when the story takes place. I love the attitude of the girl. I love the dress and men that dress that...dapper. Yummm. Compared to the story though and the covers out at the time. I changed course.

Over years of waiting on editing, publishing, etc. The rise of half-naked people on covers and frustration the below was born like a Frankenstein monster.

Thankfully, that version was only in a small run print. With the newest rerelease in full print and ebook version I resorted back to the concept of the dock. An important part of the story. With the moody coloring that fit far better than the bright colors.

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