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Before I was an author, because I've always been a writer, I talked for a living. I spoke to hundreds of people a day. I was a waitress, I was a telemarketer, I was a salesperson, I was a talker. Yet somehow I get very quiet on podcasts, and they keep inviting me.

I was on The Less Desirables a few times, talking wine and books and business. (link to them below though most of my appearances are no longer available)

Red River Radio has invited me too several times(links below). I missed one or two thought I try. I'll be back on with Dellani Oakes Monday the 14th and hope that I do better than normal.

Welcome back to our three fantastic authors today! We'll be chatting with author CW Lovatt – Adventures of Charlie Smithers, Josiah Stubb & Wild Wolf's Twisted Tales. As well as Kristin Holt – Second Hand Bride, Bride Lottery, Mail Order Bride and more! Last but not least, Suzette Vaughn – Badeux Knights, Badeaux Daze, Mortals, Gods and a Muse, and more! This will be a great show, so be sure to join us! Each author will have a short excerpt to read from their latest book.

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