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Formatting Friday: Flourish

Scene separation can be simple. In some books you can go as simple as skipping an extra line, though if you do that very often or have extra blank space in the formatting you might want to go a step farther.

Live Like the Breeze is a great example of how simple you can go. Those little asterisks *** will be more than enough to tell your reader that the scene is changing. I do suggest that you use either three or five as one isn't quite enough. I suggest using caution in trying anything across the page as too much becomes garish.

For a unique reading experience and to further make the book one of a kind I prefer to go a little

Here you'll find Finding Madelyn has three hearts. As well as one on each side of the header. This was the first book that I added the something extra rather than doing the generic asterisks. I enjoyed the added touch so much that as long as I find something fitting to the book, I will have something in every book.

In Try Me, sticking with the rosy theme from the cover and part sections, I chose a simple open rose b

For Life as a Ghost I have a little more and a little less. I wanted to highlight the flower that appears on the cover and again on each section break but I didn't want to mirror the rose from Try Me. So there is added scroll work on each side. To fit with the title, it's also gray rather than the typical black of the text. This stays true to the ghost portion of this novel and keeps the extra ornate flourish from taking over the page. Also because I used the scroll in he header and around the page numbers I needed the softer gray so the scroll work wouldn't take over the page.

They still have subtle differences from cover to inside. The flourish for Knights is a scroll design with little stars inside. While the break for Daze are little pointed suns. Yes, I had other choices, I could have gone with a sun and moon motif (but that's another book) and I could have stuck swords in both. As I said at the top though, each book should be different, even when referring to brothers.

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