How it happened: Book Cover-Susan Surman

Sometimes you talk about a book with an author and the picture begins to paint itself. Perhaps the title sets the image for the story. Perhaps it is the passion with which an author can speak of their work that ebbs into my pores. These instances have always been my favorite to work on.

One such cover, or author, is a friend of mine Susan Surman. This feisty woman has been across the world, as an actress, a writer, and one amazing woman. This is apparent in her writing.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Surman when she sat down next to me to talk about her cover. Four hours later, she had her cover done. A one of a kind experience to be sure.

Orignally we had spoken about having an actual early 20th century boxer. A good rugged man with full mustache. The original sepia color of photographs at that time. I came across a colorful set of boxing gloves that were old, used, and abused and, thankfully, the right era.

The woman here is a caterer famous for soufflé. We talked about using the unique beach of the Canary Islands, or an iconic London landmark...but chocolate is yummy. With the title and author name to look like icing.

Now, my favorite. That novel that came from nothing more than passion. Susan passion for the story and my passion for the color. The Afternoon Sun is bright and certain shades of yellow and orange. Simple lines and the curve of bodies, make her title stand out against those bright colors.

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