Artsy Monday-Color Me Fresh Green

I've told people for years that there is a psychology reason for the love of color. Not only does your favorite color say tremendous amounts about you but also can be used to your advantage. Why not? Others have been doing so for years.

"But it looked good to Charlene In John Deere green"...yes I know I'm showing my age a bit. It's all right they know me there. While my mother has several tractors, I think she prefers red or yellow (her favorite color).

Today though we are talking green. I love green, not only is it the color of my eyes but money. I miss money.

What does green say? Let's start with fresh. Fresh vegetable, fresh cut grass, the grass is greener, natural, eco-friendly and--start those engines--the light is green to go!

Now STOP! Slow those engines down boys. Too much and you'll toss people into a moody lethargic depression. I don't want that to happen to such a freeing color. Don't get me wrong either when you use the right amount of green it's pure gold. Just ask these companies: Animal Planet, Subway, Jaguar, Land Rover, BP and...Starbucks(right because what says eco-friendly more than using thousands of individual cups per day per location for coffee?

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