Formatting Friday: Chapter Titles

Want to talk about variety, the sky is the limit. From the placement, whether you want to start at the top of a page and save space or the middle of the page and give the eye more rest to the actual text used. There's not a place that you can make more choices that right there. Mortal's, Gods, and a Muse have half page beginnings. Not only to let your eyes rest but because of the unique text for the chapter title, I wanted extra space.

The second pictured is Live like the Breeze, since this is the kindle version, and you don't want extra white space, the text is all the way at the top. Still I didn't use a basic font, I wanted something airy to go with the premise of the story.

Next would be my Badeaux set. These are almost identical for the series with strong fonts and a little space at the top for your eyes.

The last two, show those extra flourishs to fit with the more feminine story lines. Try Me has the strong font again, to mirror the dark undertones of the story, while Life as a Ghost has gray flourish and softer fonts which lead to less white space needed.

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