Artsy Monday-Color Me Extreme

While normally consideredfeminine there is far more to this joyful color than breast cancer and women's empowerment.

After all everything is rosy and full of hope. I love being tickled pink by elephants whether you can see them or not. They are after all a few of my favorite friends.

Of course, companies got into this long before logos, after all no one wants a past due notice in pink or that dreaded pink slip. No, for me I want to tell you to kiss my A--pink panties on the way out the door and you can for once keep the pink slip to yourself.

Barbie, Victoria Secret, Baskin Robins, Breast Cancer

PURPLE: Starts where pink leaves off giving us some pretty passionate prose. Though it quickly changes into a different sort of passion, the kind that sparks bravery into the hearts of mankind. Sacred to the elite few to receive a Purple Heart and leading into crests of Royality, make the hard to find color sought after by many.

Rarely found in nature violet hues can come off as pretty fake but when you find the real deal there is a sense of sophistication afforded to the wealth of luxury.

Crown Royal, Yahoo, Monster, Lifetime, Hallmark

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