How it happened: Book Cover-Fed Up!

This had to be one of my favorite covers, that's hard to say after you've done a few hundred. The fact that it wasn't one of my own novels...well bites.

From the moment I heard the title I was excited. Then Chip continued to talk about his creation. Must like other authors his enthusiasm for the project was addicting (like smelling the markers for school white boards-What only me... nevermind.)

I didn't start the thought with the chalkboard. NO that would have been too easy. I went through about every possible school surface: Every lined paper I could remember myself or my son writing on for school. Yellow legal pads too.

Teacher grading books, worn yearbooks, brown paper wrapped was in there somewhere. A green chalkboard, which I'm sure many people have never actually scene. And then, there it was, the perfect used, dirty, fed up black chalkboard...with a broken chalk piece!

Fed up! So fed up that I've broken my chalk and threw it at the board.

Now for the disappearing subtitle: Some books really do get something extra from a subtitle. I mean think of all the movies that their tagline might as well have been a subtitle or actually was. This though needed nothing.

We needed that simple title. We needed that hand-sketched picture perfect school being erased from history. We needed the chalk like font (I tried several that were more chalky, these-because I think there are four here) won out because it was easiest to read). In one version the back grew in size as we went down to "I say, "Enough!"" but for space the capitals had to be bold enough to carry the weight of the entire system.

No matter how I size it up. THIS was the simple idea and the culmination of years of experience, that I am proud to call mine.

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