Artsy Monday-Color Me in a Few of My Favorite Things

I've told people for years that there is a psychology reason for the love of color. Not only does your favorite color say tremendous amounts about you but also can be used to your advantage. Why not?

White. While the essence of everything clean is the lack of all color it can make big statements. A doctor seems sterile, exactly what you want from someone about to cut you open, or stitch you up. That wedding dress, whether appropriate these days or not, shows the purity of the bride and don't forget the crystal clear rock on her finger. Heaven on earth with all things righteous and good....Angelic to say the least.

So, if white is the literal representation of all things good of course black is it's opposite. We've all seen the old movies with the guy in the white hat and the guy in the black hat under the full sun getting ready to duel.

Here though there is no need to fight. I'm an equal opportunity lover of these closet and design basics.

Black, doesn't get any bolder than that giving off the statement of strength, authority, and power. I mean who doesn't like a guy in the perfect black business suit and black trimmed glasses.

Also the symbol of mourning, and mystery. There is a reason a girl should have the little black dress.

When you take gray darker it will make a greater impact like a little salt and pepper in a man's hair. Make gray lighter and we hit silver. All signs of aging gracefully with the wisdom to boot.

When you get black, white, and gray into the right mixture, you get everything as good as salt and pepper!

Did you think I forgot about branding? Oh no! I was just on such a roll up there...

Black; let's go for some high class money droppers. Chanel? Bentley? Apple?

White; Well the above list sorta belongs here too, go figure. How about Nike too, just to be fair.

Gray or Silver: Mercedes Benz, well really almost every car company ever. Apple again

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