How it happened: Book Cover-Dripping

Hey, not a bad way to start, especially in 2009 when I was still fairly new at this. Yes, please give me something to work with that's simple.

Now you might notice that his book is the front cover only. Because I couldn't say how many different back covers were gone through but I can tell you a little something about those computer drawn blood drops. When the movies have to make blood look like blood, they can't actually use blood. Nope, they tried and it looked horrible once filmed, typically they use a ketchup mixture, or once did, that was rather effective. This cover was just as difficult. Too dark, too light and the look didn't fit. No shadow, wrong curve, didn't work too well either.

The unique part, that you can't see on the back was that every T was just as red as the front, giving a consistency to both sides of the cover and a unique element that this cover needed.

This was the only cover I did in the original series and another I was very proud to call mine.

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