Artsy Monday-Color Me Red by Any Name

A heart beats faster and increased breathing is good for the body. That's the first instinct to red the human body has. Whether ingrained in us from bloodier days of a savage world full of violence and dog eat dog behaviors or the more modern aspect of the attention getting fashions that are born of crimson favor, we might not know.

Either way there is a vivid energy created in each of us at the sight of everything ruby from a velvety rose to blood welling up from a kitchen cut. Or my least favorite editing marks across my hard work (yes, it's a necessary evil)

Historically though it's always had favor with gods, leaders, fairy tales and mythology and lead us to create synonyms in as many forms as there are shades and hues. Least we confuse a garnet from a ruby or a cherry for an apple.

Like pink, red will always have a place in a hearts. Either that or the red lipstick has gone to our...breathing and we are going to lose consciousness. I won't even mention the red-light district. Let's face it that's one powerful color.

Like purple, red will always hold a special place for royalty. Whether it's adorning a crest, or just the carpet they wish to walk upon.

Like green, red will have a place in money. Not just the anti-counterfeiting strips but in poker chips that can increase casino revenue and the wait staff hoping for larger tips.

Like black, red will give an evil doer the chance to escape the stereotype without taking away from the power and leadership the old standby allows them.

I will say that white and blue are pretty safe from being dominated by the versatilityof red, though there have been studies to show that red can do well in job interviews just as blue can...maybe soon my favorite fiery cast will take over the world.

Coco-Cola, Target, Netflix, Lego, Red Bull, Virgin Records.

Food: Wendy’s, McDonalds, Burger King, Denny’s, Sonic, KFC, Arby’s

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