How it happened: Book Cover-Good Vs. Evil

One of the first covers I did that wasn't one of my own(2008) and I'm still proud of this creation. I took literally nothing and build this from the ground up and let me tell you I couldn't have asked for a better project to get my feet wet on. I swear it took a week to get those wings right, more so from trying to figure out how.

While the premise and the work looks simple enough...try to make a black pair of wings. Either they come out one color and no feathering or they just look like a blob of putrid waste. If I remember right, I finally painted each feather individually to get the look right.

The alternating black and white on every part and the text, at the time, was a stroke of genius (yes, I do call myself that from time to time, it helps balance out the creative parts that want to also tell me when something...well is a putrid waste.)

#cover #concept #how #happened #started #where #nora #soul #margay #leah #justice #black #white #good #evil #wings

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