Travel Thursday-On the Road

No matter the auto, expensive and fully loaded or rusted with the floorboard missing, everyone-yes everyone-should take a drive. Not around the block or down the street but out across a road you've never driven. Out where mysterious new spaces are abound.

The joy of a car full of friends or family. Words jumbling together in fevered speed. Old grievance hash out like and spit out like gravel beneath the tires. Laughter at favored times roaring out for others to join in from the safety of their own glass and metal world. Abundant conversation from everyone's mouth at once to still silence allowing the wind to speak for itself.

Alone, in the silence of a car, the radio off your mind is left to wander. In and about and around. Through fresh thoughts and aged spider webs there is no noise of life to invade-nothing to compete for attention. Laughter might escape your lips, or resound in your head, though tears are just as likely.

Yes, no matter how you take to the road. Take to the tar with open wings.

Thank you greatly to Mr. Sims for the use of this photograph. When I was considering an article on the open road, this photograph, that I'd seen months before, haunted the back of my brain until I went and found it.

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