Formatting Friday: Image filled pages

I've had the pleasure of doing a few image heavy books. Unfortunately, I don't have permission to share most of them do to image copyrights. So after being asked for the twelfth time in a week I took one of my personal favorites and replaced the images and text with placeholders. The unique quality of making coffee table books and other image filled pages is that each page is its own world or a spread. Even when each section or chapter is cohesive each page is it's own. In the below I left the layout the same as the previous book so it's not perfectly suited for picture and text but the idea is to give an example of possibilities. I enjoyed this project so much because they specifically wanted different fonts, sizes, and layouts throughout and it was all up to me. The original book was over 100 pages, but I didn't want to recreate the entire book so I tried to capture something a little different. Which worked but Churches ended up on the wrong side of the page.

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