Coming soon: Under the Coffee Cup

I've had the thought for a while. I want to highlight authors, artists and even entrepreneurs on my blog.

I have been surround by these unique types of people for most of my life. My mother was the sole owner, employee, and creative person of her own business from before I could remember. Long before pinterest, I knew people who made candles, wood crafts, pottery, potpourri, jewelry, paintings, and more than I can possibly name.

All these people, and the authors I've added to the long list have one thing in common. Drive! They have a passion for what they do that can not be imitated, reproduced, or ignored. Once the entrepreneurial spirit enters your soul, you have no option but to follow it.

I salute those that do, and will be handing my blog, in part, over to them. We will find out what they are working on, what inspires, what stains are in their past and what caffeine is their drug of choice...because it's next to impossible to work 24/7 to create a name for yourself, a product, a book, or a business without a little brewed help.

My mother's home, where you can see all the bolts of material...everywhere!

Little boys don't care if blankets are done or not, they just find one and sleep when they are ready!

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