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Hirer an expert and listen to what they say

I have published, of my own not including publishers or clients:

Paperback 9 Novels, 12 kids books, 3 non-fiction, 50 low cont, 50 Gratitude journals

(I don't consider the Gratitude Journals low cont as they are each individually designed)

Hardcover 1 kids book,(with a pub) 1 non-fic, 11 low cont, 47 Gratitude

Kindle 9 Novels, 6 Kids, 2 Non-Fic 1 Novella


3 (one novel two novellas)

Equals I couldn't do this in my head! I used to be able to.

Picture of my Amazon publishing page(s). As of now, Jan 1st, 2022, page 14 isn't full. Oh, and there are links to all of them somewhere on this site if you want to look around. Buy them. Vella does three episodes free and is kind enough to pay for a simple thumbs up. No cost to you.

To do all this I've used Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop. No you don't need more than that.

Now for the others The first publisher, I helped publish around 100 books Other publishers since 2007 around 300 books

Through my site or before my site around 150 books


Funny, those 39 cancels, 31 are people who ordered without reading that they were ordering. I don't illustrate or edit. Fiverr got smarter and those no longer count against me. The others, not everyone is a good fit to work together. At 39 it's less than a .02 cancel rate (think I did that math right) because I talk to potential clients before I start and I am meticulous in this. If you don't want me to see your project before giving you a price... Fiverr has lots of designers. Find one. Technically you can go over there and order directly on my list of services. If you pay too much I can't refund you. If you pay too little I will bill you. Want to talk about what you are looking for, send me a message. Billing through my site saves you a few fees. No this won't work if you choose someone else to work with, they'll have their own rules.

So I've published, formatted, or created covers for over 2000 books. In many cases; cover, format, and kindle. I'll tell you not to do something. You demand otherwise, your book, your problem in the long run. And you'll pay me extra for not listening in the first place.

Maybe I'll count T-shirts next. Those are fun! Or remastered old paintings. That was a fun year and taught me all sorts of things about photoshop so long ago. Instead, I'm going to update all my Amazon A+ content. That's a long process.

Yes that's me being silly for a friend but it works well here

All that to say. Yes, I'm an EXPERT.

No, you don't have to listen to me.

I didn't allow anyone to call me an expert until I topped 1000 books and a decade of doing this. Mind you that decade the industry changed sometimes daily as the digital age of books has taken over.

If I were starting out, I'd suggest being selective. If a consultant, author, publisher, or other "expert" doesn't have the numbers. Run the other way.

I learned the hard way.

And I'm going to start offering consulting services to stop people from finding those experts that are anything but... Check back soon for rates and information.

And... A video from someone who's done this a little longer than I and has nailed a list of what not to do when dealing with an actual expert. I'm adding as I just had a client want to "collaborate (I'll know it when I see it)" and use "my editor says (number 7 on this list)". By the time you get to me your editor's job is done and they don't get a say in what I do.

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