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Kindle Vella (Oh I'm loving it!)

In 2021, Kindle Vella quietly released because Amazon felt it was missing out on Patreon style revenue. They weren't wrong and I did try Patreon, but it's not my style. I gave it thirty days which is about average for me and a new option for almost anything. If it takes me more than 30 days to make a few pennies, get a few views, etc, it's probably not going to work for me. Most "experts" say 90 days. I'm working on my patience level.

Vella I didn't have to wait 30 days so that's a win. And double win, they pay me just for people pushing the like button on the episodes even the free ones. So I'm going to release all books to Vella for a "sneak peak" then transfer to Kindle after the 30 days (or when I remember as I'm overdue on the last two I posted) Their rules: Each episode is 600-5000 words. First three episodes are free. You can not publish the story in another format until the last episode has been live for 30 days.

Cover is 1600*1600 px (Template on Canva with a circle so you don't have text cut unlike the below)

Youtube Video to view the process. No, your speakers aren't broken there is no sound. Now what I don't like (other than the way pictures work on this blog, sigh) I don't like that: I can't link all the Vella through my name so they are easy to find I can't publish until the 30 days so I'm splitting the novels/novellas into more than one post instead of making it fully serial. They need to fix it so that once an episode is over 30 I have the option rather than the last post all together.

I don't like that I have to upload a word document (Accepted formats: DOC, DOCX) to keep my formatting of italics and bold or go put them back in manually. Copy and paste should work fine but noooo. I don't like the circle cover. I made the covers before this was an option and of course want them to be consistent, in the future I'm sure I'll do better.

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