Small Business Saturday--Everyday!

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a huge supporter of small business. My mother owned hers, I do my thing, and somehow I ended up with many people in and out of my life who do the same. This year, Walmart and Amazon made record products as they didn't close when all the little guys had to. I'm encouraging everyone this year, and always, to look at small businesses when shopping. There are somethings that Walmart, Amazon, and the big stores are going to be better for but the little guy is far better at most. Artists

Inside Ashley's Head I've known this beautiful woman since she was 11 and she amazed me even then with what she could draw. I swear she's only getting better with time. Like the FB and go check out her site. Out of Omaha NE, but she'll ship too!

Clay Liberation Randy Gillis

Randy does some beautiful pottery and has it spread out all over North Carolina. The problem with pottery, no two pieces really ever come out the same, so follow him on FB and grab your favorite when they are posted. Small Businesses

Retro Daddio

Has to be one of the best nerd shops and collections I've seen. Located in Williamsburg Virginia, she's set up to ship anywhere you need.


I'm not telling anyone how long I've known the owner of this business, but I blame our parents! Even then he was about the most sports enthusiastic kid I've ever met. Should have known he'd so something big. Four stores in KC and an ebay store too!

Ribbons and Rivits

Leather! Hand-crafted and OMG so much fun. I've seen lots of leather in my life and these folks happen to be some of my favorite!

Unique Creations by Amy How to know I love someone's stuff, I bought a piece of jewelry. It's my second most worn piece at this time and I've owned it for almost two years.

13 Magickal Moons

A newer business to me but I walked in, just after they closed and they let me shop anyway. Thank you for not making me pay for the mistake of my GPS and google! Hand poured candles that are unique and beautiful (one is burning right next to me now!), and I made sure they ship before I walked out of the store.

Authors This might be a long list. Let's face it, I probably left more authors off that I support than on, so expect the list to grow. They are Amazon links, buy and leave reviews! Or go find them on FB or their site and order direct. Those reviews though help every author.

Dellani Oakes

Rachel Ruben

James McDonald Bubby Gelly

Rebecca Wynick

Sheila Englehart

Simon Hawke Victoria Allen Calandra Usher

Meri Elena

And ME! You can find all the links here on the site.

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